Testing chemicals in recipes of production of fur articles and peltry.
The chemicals were tested in the recipes of production of fur articles and peltry. In the recipes of sheepskin fur lining, the dyeing leveler “SN-US” was used. Thanks to the use of the product "SN-US", the penetration of dyes has been improved, uniformity and matching of the colour have been ensured. Antistaticproperties have been acquired with fur lining made of sheepskin. In fatliquoring of fur articles and peltry, a combination of new fat liquors was used: "SMH-11" and "SMH-12"....
Promotion of non-European leather finishing chemicals.
At tanneries, promotion of chemicals from non-European countries for leather finishing is successfully continuing. Recipes of finishing "Full grain Nappa", "Corrected grain Nappa", "Corrected grain Floater", "Lining leather from cow", "Furniture articles" have been tested. All the articles made at the tanneries will be presented at the Fashion Style exhibition in Moscow in February 2023....

Technological trials of Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC on working out recipes of dyeing-fatliquoring processes and finishing for buffed floater.


       In mid-June 2020 technological trials were conducted at one of the tanneries to test recipes of dyeing-fatliquoring processes and finishing for a production batch of buffed floater. Chemicals of the following companies were used in the recipe: Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC (Russia), CROMOGENIA-UNITS.S. A. (Spain) and PIELCOLOR (Spain). The article is produced in three colors: black, brown, blue and received a positive assessment of the tannery managers. At the moment the obtained article has been sent to the customer for testing and final conclusion.

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