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Trials of the recipes for finishing articles.
The company Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC has carried out works on promoting of finishing chemicals produced outside the European Union. The recipes of finishing the patent article, the corrected grain nappa article, the corrected grain floater article, as well as the recipe of finishing the hydrophobic crust have been tested at tanneries. Soft covering pre-grounds, compacts and auxiliary chemicals (urethanes, wax emulsions, touch agents) were used in the recipes. The articles received a positive evaluation....

Working out the recipe of the article "Floater" for full and corrected grain leather.


     The company Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC (Russia) has worked out the recipe of the article "Floater" for full and corrected grain leather. In the dyeing-fatliquoring processes of the article, new fat liquor "SMH-600" was used, which is specially developed for the production of all types of light articles. The fat liquor "SMH-600" is evenly distributed both over the area and over the thickness of hides, giving deep softness to crusts.  The finishing of the resulting article is made using the chemicals of the company Pielcolor, S.L.U. (Spain):

  • АА 4623 — covering preground for leveling grain and sealing defects;
  • АА 4649 — very soft polished covering preground;
  • АА 4750 —  soft, well-filling wax emulsion;
  • RE 2008 — acrylic polymer with good adhesion properties on full grain leather; 
  • ML 2806 — soft compound with natural touch;
  • LA 6113 — matt colourless lacquer emulsion that gives natural appearance and touch to leather;
  • LA 6020 — shiny nitrolacquer emulsion.

     The finished article was evaluated positively – good emboss, leather tightness and at the same time its elasticity, deep black colour and pleasant touch were noted.

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