Visiting the international exhibition ACLE in Shanghai (China) by Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC representatives.
The representatives of Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC have taken part in the international exhibition ACLE in Shanghai (China). Negotiations were held with foreign partners on further cooperation and prospects for long-term mutually beneficial trade relations were discussed. During the work at the exhibition, the representatives of Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC were introduced to the latest technologies and fashion trends in the leather industry. During the negotiations at the exhibition, the partners of the DOWELLcompany presented a new trend book of articles with DOWELL finishes for its presentation at the FASHIONSTYLE exhibition in Moscow....
Large-scale work to expand the range of products in the Republic of Belarus.
Large-scale work has been carried out at the tanneries of the Republic of Belarus to expand the range of products using chemicals and recipes of the companies Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC and DOWELL: articles "Corrected grain Nappa", "Corrected grain leather with embossing and milling", "Corrected grain Floater", "Corrected grain Leather with hair cell emboss without milling", "Shoe Crust" according to the recipe 1.40.2. The articles have received positive feedback from the tanneries, leather samples will be shown to customers to get an objective response....

The 14th International Exhibition of Leather, Footwear, Haberdashery, Fur, Wool and Local products "UzCharmExpo – ShoesStar EURASIA 2023", Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


       From April 5 to 7, 2023, one of the largest expositions of the industry in Central Asia - the 14th International Exhibition of Leather, Footwear, Haberdashery, Fur, Wool and Local Products "UzCharmExpo - ShoesStar EURASIA 2023" organized by the Association "Uzcharmsanoat" together with the International Organization "ShoesStar", as well as the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held at the Uzexpocenter in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).Over 1000 companies took part in the exhibition, including 100 foreign companies. This year, the association of the exhibition "UzCharmExpo" with the international exhibition "ShoesStar" allowed to expand the scope of the geography of cooperation. The exhibition was attended by companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, China, South Africa, Hungary, Egypt, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Germany, etc.  The guests of honor of the exhibition were the International Council of Tanners, the International Fur Federation, the Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Costumers of the European Community (Cotance), national associations, universities, councils and unions of tanners, shoemakers and furs of a number of countries.

       The company Shebekinksya  industrialnaya  khimiya, LLC taking an annual active part in this exhibition, presented at its booth new chemicals for the leather and fur industries of the full processing cycle from raw hides and skins to the finished product, as well as for the textile industry and raw wool processing factories of the seasons 2023-24.Within the framework of the exhibition, the specialists of Shebekinksya  industrialnaya  khimiya, LLC held working meetings and negotiations with partners in order to increase and expand the range of product supplies, as well as the implementation of new investment projects. According to the results of participation in the exhibition, Shebekinksya  industrialnaya  khimiya, LLC was awarded a diploma.






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