Training of Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC technicians and a technician of the Byelorussian tannery in the company Sichuan Dowell, China.
In April 2024, a training was held for Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC technicians and a technician of the Byelorussian tannery at Sichuan Dowell, China.During the training, issues and tasks on chemicals for dyeing-fatliquoring processes were discussed; adjustments were made to the crust recipes to obtain the necessary requirements for the article. During the training, new products were studied for finishing the “Pull-up” article, the article for polishing in shoes....
Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC at the 7th International Exhibition of Light Industry "Soft Gold of Russia", Pyatigorsk, Russia.
On April 15, Pyatigorsk hosted the opening of the 7th International Exhibition of Fur, Leather and Outer-wear "Soft Gold of Russia". This is not just an exhibition, it is a point of high business activity, where each participant of the event finds his own: manufacturers — reliable partners, buyers — a database of suppliers and new contracts on favorable terms....

Testing dyeing-fatliquoring recipes of white crust.


       The company Shebekinskaya  industrialnaya  khimiya, LLC has tested a dyeing-fatliquoring recipe of white crust using: "BF/10" — a white sulfonic leather tanning agent with a strong filling effect and bleaching effect, as well as "SMH-400" — a new electrolyte-stable fat liquor for chrome and vegetable tanning leathers with excellent penetrating ability, which, due to its high stability against acidic water, electrolytes and chromium salts, can be used in a pickle bath in chrome tanning. The fat liquor "SMH-400" has a good ability to soften and lubricate leather fibers, high light resistance and resistance to oxidation. It is well fixed in the leather. It has very good bath exhaustion. It evens the colour without reducing its saturation. It is used for fatliquoring nappa, light lining, split, light harness leather, as well as light crust. The leathers, treated with "SMH-400", have tight grain and pleasant touch. The trials had a positive result.

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