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Trials of the recipes for finishing articles.
The company Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC has carried out works on promoting of finishing chemicals produced outside the European Union. The recipes of finishing the patent article, the corrected grain nappa article, the corrected grain floater article, as well as the recipe of finishing the hydrophobic crust have been tested at tanneries. Soft covering pre-grounds, compacts and auxiliary chemicals (urethanes, wax emulsions, touch agents) were used in the recipes. The articles received a positive evaluation....

Technological visits of Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC to fur factories.


     The specialists of the company Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC held working meetings and negotiations at fur factories and analyzed the results of early technological trials on the products supplied to the factories:

  • «SN-MSO»  — conditioner for silicone finishing in the ironing process; the product was used in the final drumming of long-tailed furs. The result is positive;
  • «Vega SO» – agent for degreasing the hair in the processes of washing and final drumming of fur skins, which has been tested in the final drumming-cleaning of mink and long-tailed fur. The result is positive;
  • «Softenol KS» - soft fat liquor intended for fatliquoring valuable types of fur that does not affect the hair. The fat liquor was used in the process of fatliquoring mink; the result is positive. Mink leather tissue is soft, flexible with pleasant touch; 
  •  «SN-Sh8R» – concentrated washing-degreasing agent for fur with non-ionic activators of micelle formation. The product has been tested in the washing of long-tailed fur. The result is positive;
  • «SN-ML» - a paste-like anionic surfactant composition with effective washing and degreasing property. In the recipe, the product was used at the stage of neutralization before acid dyeing of furs; the result is positive.

All chemicals are ordered for advanced technological trials.

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