Training of Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC technicians and a technician of the Byelorussian tannery in the company Sichuan Dowell, China.
In April 2024, a training was held for Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC technicians and a technician of the Byelorussian tannery at Sichuan Dowell, China.During the training, issues and tasks on chemicals for dyeing-fatliquoring processes were discussed; adjustments were made to the crust recipes to obtain the necessary requirements for the article. During the training, new products were studied for finishing the “Pull-up” article, the article for polishing in shoes....
Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC at the 7th International Exhibition of Light Industry "Soft Gold of Russia", Pyatigorsk, Russia.
On April 15, Pyatigorsk hosted the opening of the 7th International Exhibition of Fur, Leather and Outer-wear "Soft Gold of Russia". This is not just an exhibition, it is a point of high business activity, where each participant of the event finds his own: manufacturers — reliable partners, buyers — a database of suppliers and new contracts on favorable terms....

Technological trials of Dowell chemicals.


       Dowell chemicals have been tested at the tannery. In the conditions of the experimental shop, the articles  were tested: "Full Grain Nappa", "Corrected Grain Nappa" in black colour, "Corrected Grain Floater" in white colour, wax articles "Pull-up", "Corrected Grain article with impregnation". The following new chemicals were presented:

  • «DOWELLIC RA1861» - ultrafine acrylic resin with good penetration, forming  a soft, slightly sticky film.
  • «DOWELLIC RA1863» - very fine acrylic resin with good penetrating ability for impregnating corrected grain leathers, forming  a colorless transparent film of medium softness.
  • «DOWELLIC RA1865» - very fine acrylic resin with good permeability for impregnation of corrected grain leathers with tight grain, improves adhesion, therefore it is recommended to use it in the base coat when finishing  upholstery leathers, soft nappa. In combination with "DOWELLIC RA1861" or "DOWELLIC RA1863" effectively solves the problem of looseness and retains softness. 
  • «DOWELLISH TOP СW6230» - finishing lacquer for fixing the coating on the leather based on acetobutyrate, forming a colorless transparent film pleasant to touch.It has good resistance to yellowing, good leveling ability, gives the leather a natural shine. When applying "DOWELLISH TOP CW6230" as an insolation coating, the leather does not stick to the plate.

The articles according  to the recipes using Dowell chemicals  received  a  positive assessment. The chemicals for extended trials were sent to the tannery.

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