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Trials of the recipes for finishing articles.
The company Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC has carried out works on promoting of finishing chemicals produced outside the European Union. The recipes of finishing the patent article, the corrected grain nappa article, the corrected grain floater article, as well as the recipe of finishing the hydrophobic crust have been tested at tanneries. Soft covering pre-grounds, compacts and auxiliary chemicals (urethanes, wax emulsions, touch agents) were used in the recipes. The articles received a positive evaluation....

NEW TRIALS in tanneries in Bogorodsk of Nizhniy Novgorod region


Shebekinskaya kozhevennaya khimiya, Ltd. has carried out in tanneries in Bogorodsk of Nizhniy Novgorod region trials of new acrylic impregnation, degreasing agents, polymeric filling agents and penetrating agents, developed by specialists of the Shebekinskaya kozhevennaya khimiya, Ltd. laboratory. All these products are a result of tasks on import replacement that attracts the tanneries because of more mobile goods deliveries and profitable prices. Besides that there were held talks with governing bodies of the tanneries concerning stabilization of chemicals deliveries and solution of logistics questions on mutually profitable terms. The talks and the trials have passed successfully, new tasks were set and stages of their fulfilling.

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