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Trials of the recipes for finishing articles.
The company Shebekinskaya industrialnaya khimiya, LLC has carried out works on promoting of finishing chemicals produced outside the European Union. The recipes of finishing the patent article, the corrected grain nappa article, the corrected grain floater article, as well as the recipe of finishing the hydrophobic crust have been tested at tanneries. Soft covering pre-grounds, compacts and auxiliary chemicals (urethanes, wax emulsions, touch agents) were used in the recipes. The articles received a positive evaluation....

A business visit of “Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya”, LLC to Karista tannery (Chegem City, Kabardino-Balkaria)


In January 2013 the specialists of “Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya”, LLC. together with the specialist of “Pielcolor”, S.L.U. (a business partner of “Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya”, LLC.) visited Karista tannery. A range of trials to produce buffed nappa, full grain nappa and articles for leather goods were performed during this technical visit. The tannery approved the results, the leathers got are under testing.


Technical trials of “Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya”, LLC at Safyan tannery (Kazan City)


In the end of February 2013 the specialists of “Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya”, LLC. visited Safyan tannery (Kazan City) to produce and finish buffed nappa and wax leather articles for footwear and leather goods with “Pielcolor” products by the tannery’s recipes. The trials got on successfully, the tannery placed an order for delivery of the products for industrial production of the above mentioned articles.


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