Double Face finishing

Double Face finishing

0880 BR

Hard polymer to produce film for cracking effect.

1434 UR

Emulsion of acryl-polyurethane medium hard copolymer used for finishing of the leathers with natural look.

2008 RE

Emulsion of soft acrylic copolymer for basecoats for garment, full grain and upholstery leathers.

2850 RT

A multi-purpose acrylic emulsion forming cold resistant glossy film.

4003 LP

Protein binder

4103 LP

Soft protein binder with high gloss.

4322 АА

Wax emulsion

4554 АА

Cationic wax emulsion.

4566 АА

Wax emulsion used in basecoats to impart softness to the film.

4750 АА

Wax compound with soft filling action for the leathers with natural grain.

6194 LA

Medium glossy water-based nitrolacquered emulsion for garment and gloves leathers.

7403 АН

Water-repellent agent.

7471 АН

Waterproofing agent to be added in basecoats.

7614 АТ

Emulsion of silicone polymer for touch.

7631 АТ

Compound for touch for full grain leathers

7661 АТ

Concentrated touch agent


Names of recipes:

1) Nappalan Natural

2) Nappalan Silk ( SILKY)

3) Crack

4) Nappalan with “Bison” emboss for uggs



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