Detergent for washing items from cotton, flax, silk and artificial fabrics and also for degreasing sheepskin and pig skins at tanneries and fur factories

Wetting agent SN-22SH

Wetting-degreasing agent for leather and fur industries (multi-purpose)

Wetting agent SN-20-Z

Wetting-degreasing agent for fur industry

Wetting agent SN-N7

Highly efficient product for degreasing fur skins; it emulsifies well natural fat

Wetting agent SN-SH-1

Washing-degreasing agent for fur skins and raw wool

Wetting agent SN-SH-1R

Concentrated washing-degreasing agent for fur skins and raw wool


Paste-like anionic surfactant. It has effective washing and degreasing properties. Clean wool after degreasing provides good quality of enrichment and uniform dyeing. Counterpart of Lanem paste.


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